Quick Drip
We brew a fresh pot of French Roast (dark roast) and Mocha Java (medium roast) everyday! If you're in a hurry and are looking for a fresh find, look no further!
Pour Over
Currently we serve Ethiopia Sidama Ardi, a strong, bold coffee with a profile of vanilla, lavender, and sweet lemon.
Red Eye
Our Red Eye is served with either the French Roast or Mocha Java and a quick shot of our Jaguar Espresso.
Cafe au Lait
Choose from our selection of quick drip coffee and add some steamed milk for a comforting favorite!
New Orleans Cold Brew
Our New Orleans style cold brew is made with a blend of our espresso and coffees with the addition of chickory. Enjoy it Dark with no sweetener, or Sweet with some simple syrup and milk.
All of our espresso drinks can be served over ice. Continue below to browse our available dairy substitutes and flavor syrups!

Double Shot
Don't let the wording deceive you! Each of our pulled shots contain 2 shots. Every espresso drink receives one double shot.
An absolute American favorite! A double shot of espresso smoothed out with some hot water.
A traditional pull of espresso served with a splash of steamed milk. Served only in 8 oz. cups.
A note about macchiatos: the Starbucks caramel macchiato is not a traditional macchiato. If you would like us to duplicate their version for you, please ask for a caramel latte.
Served in 8 oz. or 12 oz. form, this is our espresso served with a nice thick topping of milk foam.
Latte (or Caffé Latte)
Everyone's favorite espresso drink is our favorite too! Our espresso shot with a nice pour of steamed milk and a thin layer of foam on top is perfect every morning! Add a flavor syrup to make it special!
Dirty Chai Latte
Why so dirty? This chai latte contains a shot of espresso for a caffeine kick! Try it with our spicy chai, sweet chai, or a combination of both.
What would a coffee shop be without a selection of thick tasty mochas? Our mochas are made with a shot of espresso and your choice of milk. While many shops may offer complimentary whip on top without asking, we let our customers choose whether they would like any or not. All you have to do is ask!

Classic Mocha
As the name suggests, this is our classic chocolate mocha! We make ours with syrup made by Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory.
White Chocolate Mocha
Like the classic mocha but creamier and subtle, the white chocolate mocha is a customer favorite! Made with Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory white chocolate syrup.
Marble Mocha
Let the yin and yang of dark chocolate and white chocolate come together for this delicious drink. We use a mix of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory dark chocolate and white chocolate syrups for this tasty treat.
Mexican Mocha
The addition of cinnamon in this mocha makes this a great to-go drink when you're looking for something new with a kick!
Signature Drinks
We are always churning out specialty drinks, but our signature ones are always available for purchase! Check out our customer favorites:

Honey Latte
Just as it sounds, our honey latte is our regular latte but with the added sweetness of organic honey. Before we pour in steamed milk, we allow the espresso to blend with the honey to create a smooth, sweet taste.
Honey Badger
The namesake house drink, the Honey Badger is a marble mocha with the added kick of blackberry syrup! Sweet, thick, and delicious!
Honey Lavender Latte
This drink is complementary to our Honey Latte but with the addition of lavender syrup! If you're looking for something unique, you've found the right spot!
Subject to change seasonally, but we carry the following teas year-round.

Green tea
Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Lipton Black Tea
Non-Coffee Drinks
Don't like coffee? Don't like tea? No worries; we've got you covered.

Hot Chocolate (comes in kids sizes too!)
A classic favorite that comes with a delicious dollop of whipped cream. Ask for sprinkles if you're bold!
Try a white hot chocolate, made with white chocolate instead of regular chocolate!
Steamed milk with an added syrup of your choice, something for young kids or an adult looking to try something new!
Juices: Orange or Apple
Milk Choices:
Chocolate Milk
White Chocolate Milk
Whole Milk
Non-fat Milk
Almond Milk (vanilla, organic)
Soy Milk (vanilla, organic)
Coconut Milk (unsweetened, organic)
Smoothies: Wildberry or Strawberry
Tea Lattes
While we can make any tea into a tea latte, the following are our most popular and common tea lattes.

Chai Tea Latte
Our shop is special in that we carry two different types of chai for our chai lattes! We have our spicy Pacific chai, which is full of flavor but can be a little sour when by itself; and we have our sweet Oregon Trail chai, which is a familiar favorite but is more subtle on the spice. If you can't choose between the two, don't fret-- ask for both! That's our recommendation.
London Fog Tea Latte
This classic pairs well with soy or almond milk if you're looking for something new! Add vanilla and/or lavender syrup to this Earl Grey lattefor a truly special comfort drink!
Milk Choices
At Honey Badger, we're here to make specialty drinks, and that wouldn't be complete without a variety of milk choices! Non-dairy milks are very popular with us, and we're happy to accommodate any dietary needs as best we can! Please let us know of any allergies beforehand to make sure you have the best experience here!

Whole milk
Non-fat milk
Almond milk (vanilla, organic)
Soy milk (vanilla, organic)
Coconut milk (unsweetened, organic)