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(860) 712-1762
In Hindu mythology, the word relates to the Moon (which represents the mind and emotion) and a nectar of immortality. Their goal is to help you attain a deep connection, to plug in to your body & mind. At Soma, they don’t think of you as an appointment. They consider you their guest, entrusted with your care.
Soma Spa isn't just a spa—it's a boutique experience, where each guest is met with thoughtful, personalized service from dedicated and caring staff. The spa's therapists take the time to provide attentive and tailored treatments, ensuring every visit is a unique, healing journey. The team at Soma Spa is proud to offer a comprehensive list of services, including acne treatments, back treatments, body scrubs, chemical peels, anti-aging treatments, body massages, body treatments, and eye treatments. With this broad selection, Soma Spa remains an essential destination for anyone seeking solace, comfort, and top-notch skin care. The team at Soma Spa looks forward to welcoming you on your visit.